Flood Protection Surveys and Reports

Whilst we are happy to undertake surveys for our products etc.. to ensure you obtain the most suitable and appropriate protection possible (please note that we charge for this service), many clients require a more comprehensive report including recommendations on flood mitigation and future risk. Many insurance companies also request that policy holders undertake protection work prior to obtaining flood protection insurance cover. In addition when flood products and schemes are fitted, the insurer or broker, need a certificate of compliance to enable normal rate cover to be issued. In these circumstances we advise clients to contact Pell Frischmann who are Consulting Engineers and Chartered Surveyors.  


Some clients request surveys for Property Level Protection Schemes (PLP) which involves a Chartered Surveyor making recommendations for a group of properties. These schemes are usually involve grant aid from Government and Local Authorities. Similar to the PLP scheme are the new Flood Grants available via your local authorities (these schemes usually involve the £5000 Repair and Renew Grants announced by the PM for householders flooded from 1st Dec 2013)

Pell Frischmann, are a long established national company offering a wide range of surveying and engineering services, All their surveys carry £2million Professional Indemnity Cover and £10million Public Liability Cover. All work in undertaken by Chartered Surveyor s and Chartered Engineers.

For a small fee Pell Frischmann(PF) offer a full survey, report and advice on buying and fitting flood products, plus the following services:-

A full survey of your property by a Surveyor experienced in flood protection.

  • A commercial data report (EA and other suppliers) of the expected flood depths at your property
  • A report on how to protect your property
  • A schedule of required work including a simple tender document
  • Advice on obtaining and comparing the most suitable products
  • Liaison with external contractors on site
  • Inspection of work in progress
  • Inspection of completed work
  • Certificate of completion
  • Report for insurers to assist with obtaining flood insurance cover

What is flood protection?

Flood Protection, Flood Resistance or Flood Mitigation’ ~ means reducing the potential risk of flooding to a property, using flood protection products or building materials to try to prevent flood water from entering a property and damaging its fabric and contents.

Please note that it is impossible to guarantee that you will not get any water into your property, all measures that we recommend are with best intentions to reduce the amount of possible water damage. Other measures are available to prevent flood water from reaching your premises such as flood walls and low level bunds, These measures will involve some expense but will pay for themselves in the long term and will represent time and money well spent and, hopefully, reduce the distress flooding causes. These protection measures are much better than traditional sandbags which are the most basic of defences.

We can offer advice on the following measures, often designed for your own property/premises:-

Improvements to the drainage of a property

  • Low bunds around a property
  • The raising of thresholds
  • The construction of storm porches
  • Peripheral walls/fencing
  • Flood resistant gates
  • Outside wall renders and facings, including veneer walling
  • Non-return valves in waste pipes and outlets
  • Products needing deployment such as free-standing barriers, door boards and flood skirts
  • Airbrick covers (including periscope covers and those that seal automatically when there is a flood)
  • Water-resistant external doors
  • Pump-&-sump systems to extract flood water
  • The use of concrete to fill under-floor voids or delay flooding from the ground
  • Raised electrical sockets, TV points etc
  • Flood resilient kitchens (plastic, stainless steel, free standing removable units)
  • The raising of white goods, kitchen units or other vulnerable items
  • The storage of vulnerable items off the floor or in upstairs locations
  • Changes to internal walls to speed recovery after a flood

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